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Welcome to A Way of Being

If you are dealing with chronic pain, illness or the overwhelm that goes with it, you are probably familiar with what doesn't work for you such as:

1) Trying to explain weird symptoms to your physician who is looking at his watch, or worse, like you are crazy.

2) Medications that you are worried about because of side effects, potential addiction, or that just aren't working for you.

Here, my mission is to not only give immediate pain relief, but to dive down into the root of pain and stress-related illness.

I hope you will enjoy the many resources provided here to dramatically change your health and your life.
Tabitha Marsh, LAc
Owner & Practitioner


Seeking A Safe Space?

Need pain relief but worried that your practitioner won’t understand your needs around anxiety, depression or trauma?  No Problem.

Tabitha brings her background as a former Counselor into her Mind-Body practice, which enables her to understand your needs, create a safe space, and even to incorporate support directly into your treatments!

Individuals from all cultures, genders and sexual orientations will find a welcoming space here.

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Do people call you “too sensitive?” Maybe you get overwhelmed easily, feel deeply, or are empathic — for some, to the point where they may feel it in their body or get sick when overstimulated.

Although these traits are normal for 20% of the population, they are often misunderstood. As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) herself, be assured that Tabitha understands your specialized needs for mindful touch & presence.

Feeling Exhausted?

If you have been a “doer” and a “giver” your entire life, being laid flat by chronic pain or illness can be especially painful.

Let Tabitha help support you in rebuilding the healthy habits and lifestyle changes that can not only bring you lasting health, but a new sense of self-esteem, self-care, and self-fulfillment so that you can serve others from a sustainable place for years to come.

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Why A Natural Approach?

After feeling "failed" by mainstream medicine, many are left wondering what went wrong. Learn what makes a natural approach different and how it can help you.

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Can Acupuncture Replace Opioids?

Many people are concerned about the opioid epidemic and looking for viable alternatives.  See what the latest research, and experts are saying and decide for yourself.

Do You Work With Children?

Children get tense and anxious just like any adult -- and are even more likely to hold their feelings in their bodies.  Tabitha has pediatric sessions available for ages 4-12. 

Is Acupuncture Painful?

Acupuncture pins have little in common with vaccine needles  - as Tabitha demos here. Truly phobic? Ask Tabitha about other options.  Acupuncture is just one way to use points!  


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